Stephen Waddington: the resurgence of PR in the shift to social business

Stephen Waddington: the resurgence of PR in the shift to social business

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This is the fourth in a series of interviews with thought leaders that Justin has been conducting with the folks at Like Minds as part of a new book project exploring the theme ‘Beyond Customer Centric’.

This time he caught up with the Stephen Waddington, a Partner and Chief Engagement Officer at Ketchum, who’s written and contributed to a number of books, including two recent ones that have looked at the impact of social media on corporate reputation. They discussed a number of themes including how Stephen thinks there’s almost a renaissance opportunity for the PR industry because traditionally it’s started with listening to the customer and having a dialogue with them, and then creating content that takes them on a journey:

There’s this huge intersection at the moment between public relations creating content that starts a conversation that results in an action or change in behaviour; and advertising, marketing and digital that understand behaviour very well and the points where you have to create nudges or interrupt to bring about a change in them.

You can read the full interview over at Like Minds.

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