Branded content: A survival strategy for the coming ‘Adblocalypse’

Branded content: A survival strategy for the coming ‘Adblocalypse’

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Justin recently spoke at the WAN | IFRA (World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers) Middle East Conference in Dubai. You can see his presentation on Slideshare below that was written about by the Khaleej Times, and he’s also written a post for WAN |IFRA that you can read here. This follows on from the post he wrote for them last year on what traditional media brings to the branded content party. It also explores the themes he presented in Dubai, and consolidates his reviews on LinkedIn of 3 recent attempts to address how the brand-funded content space gets mapped now that all marketing is based around content:

You can also read a potted explanation of the 3 Circles of Brand-funded Content Venn Diagram he presents, which attempts to explain how marketing is being re-shaped by content from 3 different directions, the role tech is playing in this transformation, and how the lines between them are blurred:


Branded Content: A survival strategy for the coming ‘Adblocalypse’ from Justin Kirby, presented at WAN | IFRA’s Middle East Conference 2016: