We’ve honed our storytelling skills over the years as journos, copy-writers, ghostwriters and even book editors. That’s why writing lies at the heart of much of what we do here at DMC, including the Best of Branded Content Marketing (BOBCM) series we’ve been curating, producing and publishing since 2013. The series is just one of many publishing collaborations we’ve facilitated, and there are more brand projects on the horizon. We’ve selected a few recent ones and older one to help show how we’ve kept up to speed with the rapidly evolving marketing industry, and how we continue to embrace new technologies to publish and promote the output:

Best of Branded Content Marketing 2015: Global Edition

Racing bunnies can sell electronic consumer goods, Monopoly can explain quantitative easing, and budding entrepreneurs have mastered their fears because Richard Branson’s mum pushed him out of a car when he was a boy.

How do people come up with these award-winning, brand-boosting marketing ideas? And what can you learn from them to improve your own creative output, customer relationships and business results?

Read the BOBCM 2015 Global Edition that has been embedded below using Edition Digital‘s Smart Publishing Platform to find out about 25 projects of all shapes and budgets, and everything from strategy to measurement in 20 feature articles, as more than 100 branded content marketing experts around the world reveal their latest insights and best work from 2015.

Best of Branded Content Marketing 2015: D&AD Special Edition

BOBCM’s special 2015 D&AD edition – produced in partnership with D&AD, the global association for creative advertising and design – presents industry experts’ guest features and award-winning case studies about branded content and entertainment.

Best of Branded Content Marketing 2015: Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Launched at the dmexco show in Cologne on 17 September 2015, our first ever regional book presents the combined experience and wisdom of more than 45 local branded content marketing experts.

Praised by leading German marketing magazines WuV and Horizont it explains vital aspects of branded content usage specific to the German-speaking market. However it’s much more than a ‘how-to’ guide, it also provides insights into experts’ daily work with brands by showcasing the best examples in the region.

The Slideshare version below has been viewed over 50,000 times, and there’s also Edition Digital and free iBooks versions.

Connected Marketing: The Viral, Buzz and Word of Mouth Revolution

41ESB3J3Q2L._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Connected Marketing was a business book collaboration we conceived and facilitated about the state of the art in viral, buzz and word-of-mouth marketing that was published by Butterworth-Heinemann in 2005.

It was co-edited and authored by our founder Justin Kirby together with Dr. Paul Marsden at the London School of Economics, and included a foreword by Emanuel Rosen (author of the bestselling ‘Anatomy of Buzz’) and contributions from 17 experts working at the cutting edge of customer engagement.

The book formed part of our ongoing discussion with experts about how customer engagement approaches were evolving. This included a series of articles for WARC’s Admap magazine with Dr Alain Samson at LSE Enterprise (editor of the Behavioral Economics Guide), and also an accompanying podcast series that explored the key themes explored in the book through interviews with the contributors and other experts.

Check out the one below with Annette Simmons, author of ‘The Story Factor’, ‘Whoever Tells the Best Story Wins’ and other titles about storytelling: