Justin‘s thinking has evolved over the years through an iterative research process that benchmarks insights derived from his project experience with the knowledge exchange he helps facilitate between leading academics and industry experts. This ongoing practice-based research cycle informs the various strands of his thought leadership including:


Since the early 90s, Justin has been writing about the impact of interactive technologies on business and marketing. He writes for international trade associations, blogs, industry publications, journals and news media (see more here).


Justin speaks and also chairs academic and industry conferences, festivals, summits and other gatherings around the world. He also helps with programme development, sponsorship and promotion (see more here).


As well as writing and speaking, Justin also provides commentary and crystal ball gazing for industry publications/reports and news media (see more here).


Justin has been commissioned to co-write/-edit two books:

He also conceived, curated and co-produced the Best of Branded Content Marketing (BOBCM) series of publications and events from 2013-2017 that was supported by the UK’s key industry bodies and was seen by 100s of thousands across the globe. The series is now available as an archive that includes all the case studies, articles, expert examples, interviews and other research from the series.


Over the years Justin has been invited to judge a number of industry awards. He also provides advice on categories, recommends jurors and helps promote the awards through his large following on LinkedIn, articles and other content co-creation.

Most recently this has included helping Cristal Festival, the D&AD and The Drum with their new content categories or dedicated award shows.

If you would like Justin to write, speak, provide a soundbite, judge your awards or help develop/promote your event, then please get in contact.